Choosing Suitable Commercial Rehab Loans

Having a business is a good survival strategy in the current economy. It is the most advisable solution. Once you have started the business you may realize you need a financing solution for your business to keep itself afloat. This is a task that proves difficult for most businesses as the banks may not find you fully qualified for a loan. Getting a commercial bridge loan is the most obvious alternative for most people as it is a good choice. However it is important to be able to decipher how to get a good commercial bridge loan. You need to understand the different types of commercial bridge loans that are often offered in order to determine the good one for your business. They include;

Hard money lending – Lenders of hard money avail loans to a borrower depending on the amount one has available. This means that they majorly focus on cash flows instead of credit ratings. Most of them normally operate online.

Lending based on collateral – In other instances the lender will base the qualification of a borrower depending on their collateral. Collateral can be a business’ inventory or even their equipment. There are different commercial bridge loans offered by lenders depending on the collateral:

Accounts payable lending – This is also known as factoring. They base their loans on the accounts payable as reflected in the financial statements. This may work in different ways. They may use the accounts payable as collateral for the loan applied for. They may also take the rights to receive the accounts payable in exchange for a loan.

Inventory lending – In this instance the inventory of the business is used as the security or the collateral. The loan amount depends on the size of the business’ inventory.

Lending based on real estate – The commercial bridge loans may also be commercial real estates. The loans are provided when a borrower aims to purchase a commercial property in real estate which can also be a rental property. The bridge loan can be used to act as a down payment for the mortgage taken on the property.

Most commercial bridge lenders operate online and this is the most suitable platform to seek for one. It is also good to look for recommendations from people who have used them before. A bridge loan is only good when it suits the borrower’s financial and business situation.

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